Why I Love Southfields Library

Local resident Trevor Vicary takes part in #gettoknowyourlibrary campaign

Why I Love Southfields Library

"I’m 73 and have been volunteering here for the last six years. When I retired I said to myself 'I can’t just sit around here all day' so I went to Wandsworth Library and asked if I could volunteer. They said, 'Yes - of course you can!' and so – after the necessary checks – I came to Southfields which is my local library.

And this library has a superb layout. You walk through the door and there’s a big children’s library ahead of you and there can be a bit of noise in here, but it’s separated from the adults’ library where students can study and what not. And I love seeing the children growing up – it keeps me young at heart.

We have lots of story time events for the children and then there’s clubs like Digipals to teach older folk about computers and it’s great that so many age groups are catered for. It’s nice and warm in here and we also have lots of newspapers so people can just sit and read and find out what’s going on in the world. And if you’re lonely there is always someone to talk to. It’s like a community centre and I’ve met loads of people just from being here a couple of mornings a week. The staff are great and we always have a laugh.

Libraries have become very sociable places and it’s also a practical thing – taking out books is free! There’s this big thing called the internet but I believe it’s important for children to know about books. You can’t just have a screen in front of you all the time. We have this great reading challenge during the summer where youngsters have to read six books and then they come back and tell us what’s in each book.

Volunteering here is very rewarding and working in the children’s library is just the best! More people should volunteer to work in libraries."

Trevor Vicary


March 22, 2019