Petition Launched To Make Garratt Lane 20mph

Earlsfield councillor says shops and residents support idea

Ben of Bloody Ben's

Earlsfield councillor Jo Rigby has set up a petition calling for a 20 mph speed limit to be implemented on Garratt Lane.

She says that she has seen widespread support from the move from businesses and residents of the area.

The petition is accompanied by a video of support from Ben of Bloody Ben’s Distillery Bar and Kitchen.

They say that as an important shopping location and a residential street with over 2,000 households the move would provide a real benefit of a safer, cleaner, people-friendly Garratt Lane. It is state that pollution has been measured as being three times the legal limit and that cars have been measured as travelling over 50mph in the early morning and late evening.

At the time of writing the petition had 26 signatures.

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September 23, 2019